Music, Magic, Mischief, Mayhem

by The John Whites


Track Name: Be My Yoko
I want you to be my Yoko
I want you to
I want you to break up my Beatles
Oh through and through
I want your love every day
Without it I'll never be okay

I want you
I want you

I want you to be my Yoko
I want you to stay in bed, for photos
make peace with you
I want your love every day
Without it I'll never be okay

Picked up off the floor
I read yes, needed no more
I tasted love that night
Now on the weekend I feel lost
Who compares to you my love
I wait for love tonight
Girl Please take my love tonight
Don't wanna waste my love tonight

I want you to be my Yoko
Track Name: All My Thoughts
All my thoughts lead back to you my love
The truth I touched with you my love

I have not forgot your perfume my love
how it filled the room my love
I knew before I saw you my love
Your beauty always awe struck

You know my heart always will love you so

all my thoughts
all my thoughts
all my thoughts

What I say turns back on me again
trust me again, you'll see I've changed

Oh the way our bodies would sing my love
like vibrating strings we rubbed
Music as our skin touched
Notes only heard by us

You know that my heart always will love you so

All my thoughts
All my thoughts
All my thoughts

Yellow jacket came to sting my love
Then spread your wings my Love
To you just a fling my love
But it lingers in me my love
Track Name: Sarah
I can not believe I can say any little thing but "I Love You"
Eat your Body's receipt til your pleasured, finally pleased
As I touch you

Your wings Sarah
Take me Sarah
To see Sarah
Oh so Many things Sarah
We're birds who caught the breeze Sarah
We're free Sarah
To be Sarah
Make Wind as Our Wings Beat Sarah (We share blood in our wings Sarah)

As I look towards you
Outside My Window
Owls Echo in Silos as I look towards you
As I look towards you
As we Mill in the Meadows
Under Flocks Shadows
as I look towards you
We Float Through Space on A Rowboat
In No Rush To Row Though
as I look towards you
As we sift through the Stars
and Filled Fingers from Mars
As I look towards you

Wrapped in Rite Sarongs
Your every breath it fills my lungs
As I come to

Naked Sun Set's Sing
You bare your skin orange Igniting
Holy sunk Through
Track Name: Jackson River
well i see you lost you son
on a river in Jackson
picked the words so wrong
he left you out in the cold grey moonlight

Oh he told me that he's mad
he told me that he's sad, he told me that he's glad that he aain't never coming back
you should have held your tongue
on a river in Jackson

Well I see you lost your love
on the railway in Jordan
You walked and shoulda run
and didn't stop her from saying goodbye /
her train kept chugging on
You were left on the platform
Didn't follow your intuition
Now the smoke stacks in the distance
twiddling your thumbs
on the railroad in Jordan

And she's not likely to come back
she's not likely to retract
not likely to retrace her steps

I heard you lost all that you own
at a casino in Reno
Your luck just didn't show
and all you've earned was drained in the night

You thought you'd make it rich / thought it'd happen quick / thought you'd do it quick
call your ex-wife call her a bitch
but now you're lying next to garbage
All your money blown
at a Casino in Reno

It's so so hard to go back
Oh so hard to go back / words are so hard to retract / so hard with regrets / should have hedged your bets
Oh so hard to retrace your steps / your palms are dripping/filledwith sweat again / now so many regrets / / now your life is filled with regrets

How you wish you held your tongue
On a river in Jackson
Track Name: I'll Be Waiting Home
oh girl I want it
I don't care how long
it takes to make up your mind

I'll be waiting home
by the phone

I'm afraid of nothing
not like when when I let you go
I'll Cross the brige your burning
Anything to get you home

I pick up the phone
But it's just dial tone
Coulda swore it rang this time

I'll be waiting home
by the phone

I'm afraid of nothing
Not like when when I let you go
I'll Cross the brige your burning
Anything to get you home

My friends say move on
That you won't call or come
But I don't believe their lies

I'll be waiting home
by the phone
Track Name: Reminiscent
It's reminiscent of the good things in life
not gone forever if you take my advice
the voice inside your head, is wanting you to know
So many things so you had better listen close

First things first
You gotta love em like your own
and if worse comes to worse
You gotta keep on keeping on

It's reminiscent of the good things in life
not gone forever if you take my advice
the voice inside your head, is wanting you to know
So many things so you had better listen close

bless or curse
you know the words you say ring/live on
it's a constant search
to be exactly who you are

You've got to love yourself
if you plan to move
cause holding on to hate
ends up only hurting you

Why try to hide
what's deep down inside
darling don't ignore
Let's it take control

How Long can you lie
with limited time
Darling whats't the point
if you're not enjoying?

I wanna stay here
I wanna play here
I wanna hold you
and that bombad hair do

feels just like home
feels just like home
food on the stove
draped are pulled closed

Let's take off our clothes
Take off our clothes
girl you know it's been too long

sometimes you'll feel resistance try to push you away
flow like water crash around it like a wave
Asleep or sleep walking but now you rise awake
Feeling like a wolf when you felt like a stray
On the prowl instead being prey
Track Name: Cairo
How can I
Just one guy
Make you fall in love me
I know I don't seem all that special now

But I promise I
This one guy
will show you that I am something
I hope it's true it's whats's on the inside counts

Cause all I have is love right now
but baby darling stick around

Cause One day I'll have riches
famous paintings on the wall
a trip to Cairo
or Morocco in the fall

Our favorite breakfast spot in New York
view of Central park
Then you'll wrap in my coat
as we walk home at dark

And hear the sound of fallen leaves as we walk
blowing in the breeze as we walk
Suddenly at ease as we walk
Finally at ease as we walk

And baby we could travel the whole world
and walk and talk and talk to strangers
Fly back home, pick up where we left off
what's life without a little danger ?

Right now just take my hand darling
All these things will come
but they will mean nothing if I do not have you love

Love doesn't keep the water the on
Love doesn't fill your car with with gasoline
Love's a feeling, a feeling worth it all
even when the water's off
Track Name: Cut
I feel you cover me
Like a cut in pain
By a Fresh Band Aid

I feel your vanity
put your coals to flame
Shoveled/Shovel shoulder pain

The moments
Gone / lost
we know
but won'r let it go
I hold you wrapped around me

I feel you crumbling
Like the falling rain / rain
Corrodes the Colosseum

The moments
we know
but just won't let go
I hold you wrapped around me

should stop
say no
The more and more we pull close
I hold you wrapped around me

It's not there no more
Then tell me where'd it go

My Hate evaporates
Like a puddle gone
now that the suns back on
Track Name: Car Back
I love you my love
I'm coming my love

I've got my car back
and now I'm gonna get you back

when I first saw you
working at the drive through
skating out ice cream scoops
who could not have seen you

You rolled to my window
You asked me for my order
I said girl your number
That is all I want girl

I've got my car back
and now I'm gonna get you back

when I first lost you
when I could not drive you
you said you would not move
if I could not move you

oh girl it hurt so hard
when my car would not start
oh the things we've been through
since the last time in you

you told me if I fixed it up that you would love me
And now my engines revving by your door
I hear your doorbell as I feel my finger printing
are you pretending baby you're not home

I've got my car back
and now I'm gonna get you back
Track Name: Scott Baio
The road you parted
Was not the one you started
Was not the one you thought
Well there you go
and in Your heart ache
you found out love you got it
you're drowning in the sun set
Pink Clouds Cloud
And Look Like A Flaming Sword
The Same Fire ignites your core

This is the place I found my soul
my heart was aching overflown
til I found a way to sing my songs
these notes as they surround you

and it feels like this is the place

the apple they told us not to eat
well it sure fuckin tasted sweet
There's way more than I will ever see
But I'll always be looking

Scott Baio everyone is thinking about you

The road you parted
Was not the one you started
but Was not the one you thought
Well there you go
You bathe in the afterglow
you're finally on your own road

Scott Baio everyone is thinking about you
Track Name: By the Dozens
Out there risking
is cheaper than regretting
it may not seem but once it sets in
you're only hurting you

I've heard it said that
time gone is not time got back
and girl I want you so bad
just tell me what to do

Girl I regret my time with you
not for what I did
but what I didn't do for you
Girl let my prove all of that I'll do
and more
to get back in your arms
underneath the stars

no more gnashing
the blood horn I kept blasting
lamenting my lamenting
no change the same comes true

girl I ain't bluffing
It's time we must confront this
I've gone too long playing the dumb kid
Oh what a choice to choose

there on the water
I saw the lizard skin
II watched it reflecting
Bleeding greed, Bleeding envy
Won't you come back
Darling please will you come back
Come and release your hostage
how much more can you stomach
to punish

always so stunning
so permanatly charming
oh darling what a lovely run in
so glad I spoke with you

You walked back through my door
you said let's regret no more
Tell me are you gonna break my heart

Did you come to crash and roll
Like a wave upon the shore
Tell me are you gonna break my heart
Track Name: Blood
All my Should ofs and could ofs
Fill my mind as I'm trying to Press Forward
As I'm searching For Answers
But the Questions I don't even know

When I think of my blood line
All my ancestors right down to me
Makes me think
How every momen's going
That there's no real repeating

And now I've got your blood
Running through my veings
They say to love is Pain
Well, that's the way it goes

The Past's always in play
It's breathing here today
Here it whispering
Of what the future holds

Just a Taste
Now I crave
For it More and More
As the angels burns stars telescope

Found some way
Tricks you played
Like a Trojan Horse

Now I'm licking up blood off the floor
It was there just a second ago
It was there now I swear that it's Gone
Track Name: Windy Wind
Home Back
Water Cut the Lawn
Was Planted and was grown
Leave the wall paper alone

I said Hold on now
Baby no means no
You can't crawl back for more
Leave the the wall paper alone

Out in the jungle the priest won't/want Mary
They draw the lines they won't cross
Touch wtih his left hand
his right hand stops him
What's the true one that he wants?

All my life
through my selfish eyes
who am I
To pretend I'm Right
I despise
When I'm insincire
Telling Lies
Oh it hurts to hear

Well I gotta try babe
To find what's in me
and so I must leave your touch
I'll think of you baby when it gets Windy
Wind that has taught me so much

Is it time
or am I too late
Been so long
But I've got to change
All that pain
Girl let's celebrate
I can name
Oh so many ways

Oh I waited for you baby
But I can wait no longer honey
Track Name: Ouroboros
The serpents tail swallowed
the moon sheds it's shadow
the circle the cycle
Your Demon helps guide you

the words that you say
are a spells that you make
so you're casting out love
or you're casting out hate

Oh When it takes hold
Don't Let Go

Feel the Energy, Bursting at the seems
Fuck the Feed it's time for us to find a feast
Just imagine all the possibilities

Oh the joy it brings
Ending enemies
At the forests edge and I don't see a trail
I don't want to follow anybody else

And as I went strolling
with Aleister Crowley
I found out that truth was
a lie that they sold me

Oh, love under will
you must find your will still
but when you get that feeling
you will know it's real

I'm never giving up
I'll always give a fuck
Yeah that's just me
The tighter they make the locks
The more they're hiding from us
Lets' break em and see

Track Name: Rush'n Attack
Too late
Seems you've forgot your place
There's nothing you can say

Raised to
Do everything we do
Every move
Got to recite the lines
You memorized with forced smiles
best keep a low profile
You should know by now
we hear everything
what were you thinking

All you had to do
Was tell a lie or two
I guess too much for you
Well we've got your nose
Blood Puddles

Rush n' Attack
Don't make me laugh
You turned on us
and there's no turning back
You best enjoy the time you have
You heard a question when we never ask

Hate laced
Blood rushing through my veins
No time to think
Instincs made in a blink
That will forever change me
I feel so fucking strangley
As I strangle thee
Like my day dreams
You scream

And yeah I tried to warn
Of you what you'd be come
If you fucked with us
But well now you know
As I hold your throat
Track Name: Night and Day
The Painter Keeps painting
Blood Cells/Sells

Night and Day
I've got ways
That I can see you
Anytime I want
Press Play
I see your face
Your walls are see through
Baby as I watch you change
In the dark
Where I saw
Who you are
I was scared
Scared at first
Now you're scars
All I thirst for

Do what you want to do
While I watch you
Every single move
Oh what I'd give to please you

Searching your spot
With my tongue in my thoughts
It hurts just to watch
Almost worth getting caught

I missed seeing the Prince for you bitch
Track Name: In My Dreams
In my dreams
I still make love
To you baby
In my Dreams
I still make love to you girl
I wake up and you're nowhere near me baby
Where the fuck do you think you're off to girl

Now every time I sleep oh babe
You're everything I see
Your skin, My Skin, Our Skin
Has never been so close
Then our hearts start beating faster
Sweating up the sheets
Perspiring but when I wake my bed is cold

In my dreams
I have you girl
Yes I do
In My Dreams
Anytime I want to

In my dreams
It don't matter where I take you
At the club, in a taxi or the mall
In my dreams
On my tongue it's you I'm tasting
Oh your smell
Fills my nostrils as we fuck

I want you to bend this way
I want you to mend me babe

And I know when I know it's right
Like a fever that takes your mind
As it feeds on you deep inside
Oh it hurts but the hurt you like
Isn't wrong but it isn't right
and to stop it takes all your might
And I'd rather we fuck all night
Yeah I'd rather we fuck all night
Oh it hurts but the hurt you like

Baby I need you
How you would say my name
Baby you're see through
You're running through my veins
Baby I need you
That's why I stay

In my Dreams
Track Name: Fear Your Love
I fear your love
I fear your love
Don't want you to know
Oh baby girl

Girl I see you
And you always look so fine
what I'd do to you
Oh girl if you were mine

Girl I see you
Always giving me the eyes
So many cues
but babe my last girl sure broke me down
It felt just like this then turned around
and you might take what's left of me out
So I just hold the words in my mouth

I could call you
I got your number in my phone
But I wonder
Would I rather be alone
What a cop out
BUt I don't know what is worse
the rejection
Or if it'd atually work
Out somehow
Like if we stayed in bed and barely came out
Or maybe you'd just straight shoot me down
So I just hold the words in my mouth

Oh my God baby your body's so crazy
I want to lick every inch nice and slow
But my hearts involved baby
I can't do this saftely
DO I want to buy what's in store?
Track Name: Drip
Girl let's be Stow-aways
Ain't no price to pay

Lip biting grasping
Pull your hair back and
Smack your ass til it's blue

No longer masking
Our animal past
We're howling up at the moon

Your panting for breath
As I'm spreading your legs
and laping you like a pool

With words out the way girl
Let's let our bodies say
All of the things they've been waiting to

Darling as I cross your bed tonight, oh
Girl you know I'll do you right
Start with your head then down I'll go
Until you're screaming baby girl

Cause I'm
I'm touching your hips
I'm licking your lips
up every bit
til we both drip


Your eyes to the rear
as my fingers disappear
I feel you begin to come

I hear the explosion
Your body convulsing
but we're no where close to done

Up every little bit until we both drip
I'm touching your hips
I'm touching your lips
I'm touching your bits
til we both drip

Take away my pain girl
I can't take it anymore
Track Name: Slide
Once again find myself flying solo
Throwin rounds back at the end of the night
Then some idiot kid yells out yolo
it hurts worse when I realize he's right

Tell me baby, you still think of me
Tell me babe it's not too late to be

I miss the way you taste
I miss the way you touch
I miss the love we'd make
The sound when our skin rubbed
It's harder every day
When you're away my love
I miss the way you taste
I miss the way you touch

All that I have to remind you by
Is a t-shirt that I never wear cause
Baby girl yeah you bought the wrong size
Which makes sense cause you don't pay attention

I can't stop thinking about you baby
All of my memories of you keep repeating
Like a film reel rolling in my head

Baby you know
That I miss the thud of your heart beating
oh the way that you smell when we're love making
Your brown skin next to mine tastes like cake
Oh your Indian eyes look like Lace
Oh the way I would slide into place
Felt just like we were made for this babe

You've had time to decide
I've waited for you
So just drop you're disguise
I can take your truth
Track Name: Especially When
Especially when I see your face
or hear you're coming
Espeically when my mind gives way
Thoughts of you flood in

And takes/take me
back to the days we
Spent talking or kissing
Then with no explaining
You woke up from our dream

Especially when I see your face
Especially when my mind gives way

Especially when you drove away
No sense in following
my cars broke down and I can't pay
to get it going

but Babe
wait put on your brakes
take a u-turn to me
I'll fix my car up you'll see
Then I'll take you driving

Especially when I see your face
Especially when I read your name

And I just wanna feel your boney hands in mine
hear you breathing heavily right beside me
I just want my finger tips to softly climb
Spread your lips as I move slow deep inside you

did you not know my strength
how far can I go what length

Darling give me another shot
Girl I'll give it all that I got
Are you into taking chances or not, oh
Are you the girl that I thought?

Taking our turns
As our bodies crescendo
We rattle the windows
The yearning hurts worse
I need more than mementos
I need your kiss girl get close
Track Name: The Way She Goes
Right then I knew it wasn't close
I knew it wasn't mutual
I tried to tell you that
it didn't have to be the same back
but I had to tell the truth
while everyone around me
was telling me not to
not to tell you that I love you
now you say you want to breath
where are we supposed to go?
who are we supposed to be?
seems I made the wrong move again
was I only there to please
dark hours in night
just fulfill a need
and then toss aside
oh that's the way she goes
fast or maybe slow
as it's burning up the ropes
I want you even more

One more night with you
Just one more night with you

then I hear you're coming into town
and I know you won't call me
who you gonna call
who you gonna be with
while I'm sleeping in my bed
with someone else in my arms
wondering who you're with
wondering where you are
and why your hairs not here with me
all over my face oh
your skin and sweat/'s so sweet
i wish it was covering me
oh it happened oh so fast
how long'd it even last
you said you gave your chance
but baby when was that
well that's just the way she goes
hold your breath here comes a tunnell
we'll see how long we hold
Our breath
How far we make it down the road

Now everything you say I just assume that it's a lie
hurt so many times before why do I even try
to believe you any more yeah you've fooled me more than twice
all the times you've led me round, you've lost count, there's no doubt girl that's not very nice

like when you told me that you love me
you told me that that you love me
what was I supposed to think?
Think of what you mean to me
then you ripped my heart
when you said I take it back
they say wounds are healed with time
But it's been a fucking while now
and I can't see the light
in any girl I meet
Oh all I see's your smile
us walking through the streets
So I barely let them through
And even if I do
It't just to to play the part
another night to make it through
sometimes that's just the way she goes
the one that you love don't love you back
and the one that loves you
you don't give a fuck about it
Well I still miss your kiss
Miss making my way up your hips
Oh i wanna kiss your lips
And not just the ones that you talk with

Please say there's some way
To fix this baby
Track Name: Love
About you there's just some thing
I can't quite put on my finger
Your movements play play me like strings
You speak and it makes me sing about

Oh with the wave of your hand
I was caught in the wind of your Love
And I never felt more alive
Than in bed by your side with your love

The touch
Of your tongue
On my Tongue
I'm done

Oh baby
My love for you stays

The first time that our eyes did meet
Not even you could tell me it wasn't Love

Oh with the wave of your hand
I was caught in the wind of your Love
And I never felt more alive
Than in bed by your side with your love
And babe I'd risk it again
I'd relive all that pain for you love
And if I don't see you again
I'm still blessed to have been in your Love

The touch
Of your tongue
On my Tongue
I'm done

Oh baby my
Love for you stays
No like the days
Not like in waves
No way

I coulda never guessed that it would be this hard
But all the things in life that are worth it are

Like Your Love
Track Name: I'm Afraid, I Must Be Brave
I'm afraid to die

Will the words that I write live on
In a hindered years when I'm gone
Either way I'm gonna sing on
It's just comes out of me, oh

All of my life I've strived
As if making up for lost time
Like there's many wrongs I must right
I gotta move with love and bring light

They weren't paying enough attention, you set the stage
Funny enough now the seats are full when they were empty

I pray and sing praise
Thank you so damn much
I'm afraid I must be brave

Tell me what's the strangest thing
That you've ever seen

I'm afraid to die
Track Name: Next To You
What I've got to say to you
Well there's so much that I want to
If it's all the same I just can't wait to tell you
I came all this way to face to my fears with you

Darling it's the truth
I've tried with all my might
I lied to myself to get over you

Oh yeah, It's truth try as I might
My mind keeps pinning
For the moments next to you

I know now what I would do
I thought love was in the movies but not true
Girl if I can't feel these feelings next to you
It's world I say, it's the world not us that's screwed
and through all this pain girl you're still my favorite view
and you may say no but I can't regret this too

Girl my heart melts in my chest when I'm next to you
I can hardly catch my breath when I'm next to you
Girl I love you til my death as I'm next to you
Watch the seasons cross our steps as I'm next to you

Oh my baby my love for you grows
I tried my best to suppress but it grows

When you're ready
You better call me
Don't care if I'm forty
Cause I'll always be ready, said
I'll always be ready
Track Name: Stories
Calls of the cosmos exploding
Blue Desert Moonlit wandering
pulsating fractals spiraling
Words can't come close but gotta to speak

Girl I love you
Girl I want you
Of all I choose you
My facade chewed through
A piece of God's fruit
And if I loose you
I'll fight for you

Now it's time to wake
t your film is being made /
you're already in the play
and your the fucking lead and so
you better be who you planned to be

how can we forget / how often we forget
the warriors that went
and fought the fierce dragon
And often as it happens
it was really princess
oh how can we forget

It's Our Stories
That keep us all alive

the stories from all time
in books and told by fires
were written as a guid
to reignight your light
qhwn you feel like it has died
the stories are our guide

lift your veil
drink your grail
Your tall tale
Tooth and Nail
Wins and Fails
Set your sails
For Love

Love is strange
love is strange and some times it can feel like it's so far away
but be patient it's burning inside, it's just so hard to see
When you feel beat

It's Our Stories
That keep us all alive
It;s Our Stories
That live on when we die

Would God hath forbid the right of knowledge from his flock
Oh I bet you didn't know
Embryonic sonics breed possession, loose control
It's a sound you can't ignore
Coming down the corridor
Oh I bet you didn't know
Track Name: Music, Magic, Mischief, Mayhem
Just Love

I'm gonna do magic

Music is Magic is Mischief is Mayhem
I've got a rabbit and you know I can not tame him
He's out of my hands, he's out of my hat

When I saw your face
oh girl it felt just like magic
We flowed through time's fabric
A taste I couldn't place
and so I tried to astound you
With sounds made about you

Your move
The smoke helped clear up my view
To help see beautiful you, but
Girl whatever you choose
I'll still do what I do


Music needs magic, needs mischief, needs mayhem
I've got a rabbit and you know I can not tame him
He's out of my hands, he's out of my hat

He stands there staring as he's eating my carrots
He thinks I care but hey man, I don't mind sharing
He's out of my hands, he's out of my hat

It's so important
The words you choose
The words you use inside your head can define you
Same with the people that you choose to surround you
If they bring you down then you better bounce soon
Your time's not worth it yeah you are who you are
You're stardust floating in a cosmic charade
Infinity sucked through a straw
A fish swimming in the water of God

Oh baby please I wanna take your hand
Cross any street I wanna hold your hand
Oh baby please I wanna take your hand
Cross any street I wanna hold your hand
Two hearts one beat I wanna hold your hand
One way four feet I wanna hold your hand
Track Name: Dance Hall
Your black dress sways
Through the dance hall
Baby dance close
Hold my arm

Your face
flushed beautiful
eyes locked, room twirls
Girl hold on

I want you to know
My heart beat stops for a moment
Anytime you're close
And then you charge me up
Like an EMT's electric volts
You charmed me love
Under spells you cast and can't control
Can't turn it off

Chandealliers shake
Filled with candles
As the wind blows
They flicker on

As we embrace
Breathing so slow
Through the dance hall
Girl hold on

Your dress drapes around my leg girl
following you as we stride
dancing through the checkered shades girl
I can't take my eyes off your eyes
my hands in the perfect place girl
caress your back as you hold mine
I'll take all the time it takes girl
until you're on fire

the stars we gazed
Between the field goals
The grass feels so cold,
with no clothes
Track Name: Make Way
Don't be afraid of love

You must quit running away
Your fears you must turn and face
They will break way

Make way for the good times
and embrace the bad times
It's happening with you
Within you, Without you

Don't be afraid of love
Go for what you wan
Our lives just be one
Who knows when it it is done

So hard to see the scope
With so many unknowns
We might as well have hope
Guide us as we Go

You must quit running away
Your fears you must turn and face
Or you'll break

You must give I want yous
To know if they want to
So go on make your move
Don't be afraid to

You must quit running away
Your fears you must turn and face
They will break way
Track Name: Take You Up
Lois grab a hold
That one sure was close
The glasses fool most
But girl I know you know

That I'll be there I'm going to take you up

An Orphan finds his home
A fortress in the snow
We'll pass through air like water flying high love
Hold on tight, we'll fly love, I'll take you there
We'll bounce off clouds as the sun fills my blood
We'll splash through suns and sight see solar flares

We kissed upon the moon
the earth eclipsing the sun as our view

what were you thinking?
Walking away?
Though nothing can kill me (oh baby nothing now)
you sure make me hurt

If I'm there I'm going to take you up

Your body's like Toys R' Us
And I won the sweepstakes hun
I'm grabbing anything I want
Can play with anything I want
Your body's like Toys R' Us
Track Name: While You Got Me
I've made mistakes
throughout my life
Good God I've wasted
So much time

She looks at me
She looks at me and says
love me while you got me here

I was afraid
Of what I'd find
Could barely bring
Myself to try

She looks at me
she looks at me and says
love me while you got me here

And stop wasting all of your thoughts on what's gone
If not you won't see what is right in front of you John

Don't let this fade
Girl hold on tight
Let's keep these moments
Froze in our minds

She looks at me
she looks in deep and says
love me while you got me here

When I'm getting
Grey and old
I hope it's you
I get to hold

She looks at me
She looks in deep and says
love me while you got me here

Stop wasting all of your thoughts on what you want
If not you won't see what is right in front of you John

I don't wanna loose my head for you
I don't wanna have to beg for you
But baby I just might instead for you
Cause I never met no one else close to you
Baby I just hope you'll let me through
Cause if you do then baby I'll show you
There ain't nothing baby I won't do
I know things have changed but I've changed too

I'm gon' love on
Until my beats gone

Girl I got the blues darling
From you darling
It's true darling
you've got me going crazy

So many rules darling
with you darling
just let me clean up my mess
or darling you won't regret
oh girl don't give up yet

Why try to find what I've already found
I Lost you once but now I'm standing my ground
oh I girl I hid away, Lied everyday
Couldn't take it baby, wasn't seeing straight
but I'm here to say , my love it stays
Yeah I'll tell the world I love you girl

Waited so long but now I've got to know
Tell me baby are you ready to go
We'll go on holiday so far away
Stay naked babe in bed all day,
And then at night we'll go out side,
on the beach we'll lay, resume our play

You touch my skin
I come alive
brought back the light
into my eyes

It's getting late
if you don't mind
I think it's time
to go inside

She looks at me
She looks in deep and says
love me while you got me here
Track Name: Never Be Afraid
There's days when you can't eat
There's nights when you can't sleep
oh stare and watch TV
Staring back at you blinking

Oh the slight of hand you peaked
Sometimes wish you could unsee
Then a voice starts whispering and
The words feel so calming

It says
Never be afraid of anything at all

They tried to take your dreams
They kept you sleep walking
Circus bread, all you can eat
But no time for questioning

But you broke out of your shell
When you went to find your grail
oh you had to pass through hell
but you've sure got stories to tell

Never be afraid of anything at all

I've got plans
I've got plans
I'm gonna make my plans happen
fuck sitting not doing
about them
I'm monna see them to the end
start a new begin again

Never be afraid of anything at all
Except for bears
Track Name: Our Love
Girl let me appease you
Girl I beseech you
open your door
and I'll show you I'm more
more than a speech brewed
My arms out to reach you
will you open yours

Oh girl
I'd break walls
I would move mountains
I'd cross the ocean
to be with you girl

Boy If I had a dime for
every time I've been fed me words
well I'd be a rich girl
why should I see you
Or even believe you /
what are your words worth?

Are you sure
You'd break walls
Would you move mountains
Would cross the ocean to be with me boy

oh baby you can think what you want
you can think whatever it is you like
But every other woman I meet will just be my woman on the side
Babe you know you know you know you know
You know you know well you know I gotta try
Cause if I don't I don't know how I could live with that the rest of my life

Love is the only thing I know
that's healed by the thing that dealt the blow

Oh yeah the truth yeah I'll tell ya
In love letters I'll mail ya
Bail you out of jail
laugh at your jokes if they fail
The castle tower I'll scale yeah
holding on to your hair
we'll wear the finest regalia
By our personal tailor
Trek through the winter depths yeah
just for one little kiss
Get on my shoulders don't miss this
Cause baby I want you so bad
Just to smell ya
I'd swim to Australia
Boat through hades or hell yeah
Cause baby I want you so bad

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