Unweaving The Apocalypse

by The John Whites

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released December 31, 2012


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Track Name: Feel Me
Your mind goes
As I lay you on the floor
Cross the line? No
You see, there's no place we can't go

As you feel me
As you feel me

On a side note
I couldn't love your body more
Move your tongue slow
You've got my mind, body, and soul

As you feel me
When you feel me
If you feel me

You make me feel like
I'm in love a-
You make me feel like
I'm in love again
Under the street lights
Burning rubber
One look from your eyes
And I'm lost in the wind
Oh darling baby baby baby
I want you, I need you
oh just you baby baby baby
Can't wrap my head round you
My Sexy lady lady lady
What of it, don't you love it?
I want you baby baby baby
Come feel me, fulfill me

Deep down inside,
I know you want me Love
So Don't run and Hide
Or I will find you Dove
Track Name: Moon on Glass
To the moon I say, we
Sail away
Afraid to go,
I strayed,
but already was lost
A whim, gone
Gone again
Afraid to know
What's set in stone's that crumble
Come back baby
Why did you go
You'd light my flame back there
As I dove inside your hair
Well Someday baby you're gonna know
You dressed up shame back there
cell phone calling off who cares

Run away
Fight and stay
I blame myself
And no one else
For what I've done
or did
when I was only a kid
I save myself
with everybody's help

Do I wait for nothing at all
the darkest candle glare
smoke breath billows in the air
Sun drenched battered Saturn's ladle
We sipped electric spoons
huffed jars of Jupiter's orange fumes

And now the moon is coming
Crashing down

All your insides hit the floor
You stop and think how beautiful
Like a dream ahead, now
born instead
I've been inside you
Moon blood drips down painted pours
Hand Held Heathens hold the door
signs and fields
you postulate
On what's inside you
Off lifts red Canary Crows
Carved up cardboard cover blown
crawl through fields of bones
blue symphonic tones
I've been inside you

You lick the wounds
of lepers who'll
be gone so soon
the power flowing from the
Crescent moon
Luna knew
To paint clear light
You must ignite
The sphere that guides
The light

Tears turn to steam
As my soul wept inside the cold
cause we're alive today but someday Babe I won't be
Coming around to see
What wasn't allowed for me
Track Name: Unweaving
Hold your feelings as they dangle
Above a volcano
Start unweaving all their rainbows
And parliamentary bull

They hold you closely
They're never gonna let you go
They hold you closely
I promise they're never gonna let you go

As they're mailing off their missiles
Every single day
Turning concrete from a symbol
of what's beyond the grave

off with the wind's blow
All the sailor's decided to go
Safe as a rowboat
Caught in a storm
Top of triangle
Made you think
what you've got you don't got
then stole from your pocket and
Sold back your watch

They'll cut you up to pieces
If they think you're acting wrong
they'll kill in your sleep cause
No Sean Hoare is gonna sing
They're song

Why don’t you sing with me
Eat the Apple in the Tree
Track Name: I Want I
My fear takes hold
As I stare out safe
Far from the city as it smokes
My feet my road
My God I'm scarred

I want to stay I want to go
I want out I want I

Stars guide us on
they slowly flicker in and out until they're gone
Like rain ash falls
And Covers us All

I want to stay I want to go
I want I Out I want I

I changed my mind
as it heads my way

I wanna stay I wanna go
I want Out I want I

You are my people and I don't even know you
But I had to be sure my loves
The river pond chief he said
we've found our new warrior
Now let's arm him and shield him up,
He Said you better be ready son
Track Name: Super Plated
Caught inside
The carbonite your froze
Stacked a million miles in a row
And the more those fuckers had the more those fuckers stole
from the super plated rusty cage that's rot

Into the dark your thrown
a black hole where
nothing leaves at all
Not light not sound,
Forever Lost
In the shadow
Until your heads cut off
you can't grab it as it rolls
They've got the guillotine turned on
and the line looks long

the voice comes from a rabbit 9 feet tall, it says Realities not what you see at all
If freedom's what you want you have to fall
The solar lights the lunar in us all
And where I wanna walk, I'm gonna walk
The politicians mouths foam as they talk, and
The fascists came and built upon the rock
of the super plated rusty cage that's rot

They’ve Got Haunted Eyes

Can you believe it when lose your hold
Of what you're holding
but you think that you're still holding
as you're gripping oh so slowly it's so crazy
Yeah it's so rough
As I walk myself through the desert
As I write your name in the grain
As I write your name in my name
Track Name: The Person You Are as a Poet
The person you are as a poet
is not who you are as a lover
Gentle vibrations that hover
Around your waist
Like a cork on a lake

Under Indian earthquakes
in Summer
Shattered the hat trick that shuttered
Even the bravest hunters
Was it too hard to tell?

I had a dream
That you were with me
Fighting off demons
Out of our sleep
Oh, what could it mean?
As it plays on repeat
Are we meant to be?
or was it just a dream
The person you are as a poet
Is not who you are as lover
so I must go find another
How long can I wait for
The chains you won't break

Did they teach you that love is to fear?
As your staring right in the mirror
the person you are disappears
Your maximum stays
got you counting the days

I had a dream
that you were with me
fighting off demons
out of our sleep
Oh, what could it mean?
As it plays on repeat
Are we meant to be?
or was it just a dream

I'm Caught in a whirlwind our blew
Deep at night
I tell the whole World that I love you
It’s only right
To sing every day to be near you
What was it you said about love
that it shouldn't be said, well its said now

And I do

The person you are as a poet
Is not who you are as a lover
You forgot your guard/God for a moment
Now you're hiding away
locked up tight as a safe

While the Fire Flies flare by the compost
Spelling out Letters To come Home
They Say Don't waste today for tomorrow
With no steps to trace
Don't you see what's at as stake

The sound that you made as I entered
When I Kissed your soul at the center
Deep in the harshest of winters
Counting the days
til I'm touching your face

Like a hummingbird lost in the flutter
Telling the tide to go under
Shot it so didn't suffer served on a plate you unconsciously ate

The person you are a poet Is not who you are as a lover
Searching so hard for the right Words
So much to say, Darling don't run away
Track Name: World on Fire
We're gonna light this world on fire
we're gonna tear the bridges off
We're gonna trail them to their Hideouts til every one of them is gone

Light a match and burn em right up fuel the flames
as they go higher

You've got some
Nerve crawling back
Wrong move
Now I've got you
In a body bag

We're gonna light this world on fire

We'll start with one then take the others
We wrote the book to take control
Well turn the honest into liars
We'll kill your brazen and your bold

And you
You've got some
Nerve crawing back

wrong move
Now I've got you
in a body bog

We're gonna set this world on fire

I touch your frame
and the fire's burning
I hear the cracking as the thunder starts to roar

Forgot your name but
Who cares when coming?
Could be our last chance won't you open up your door

And I don't know what
You're so excited for
These bombs and planes
Are not the coming of the lord
When did you lose touch
with who you're fighting for?

I don't want to wait a minute more
Baby grab my hand don't let it go
Looking off the ledge I pull you close
Baby better stand back as it blows
Calling out
As you feel me going deeper now
As you feel my grip get tighter round
They’ll zip your lips so use them now

I've got so many things to tell you
Won't you look in my eyes
Feel me pulsing inside
As a river of rain pours on you
Smell the black burning skies
As you wait for your signs
Heard the silence of screams that bore you
With your bright blinking lights, look away you just might
Hear god's radio tuning to you
Did it come as surprise as your death came alive
Track Name: Ahead is a doorway
We struggle as the sadists steal the sound of our town
Feels like all the mosters were let out, set free somehow, freed somehow

Well we’re not gonna take what’s going round
Not lying down
Not lying Down

So Baby grab your guns and load them now, we’re headin’ out

And I
I am going to die
We are going to die
But Baby not Tonight

More and more each moment
I can tell
I've got you under my spell, under my spell

Gargoyles fall sky scrapers sent to hell
Was it worth it to sell
Was it worth it to Sell

And I
I am going to die
and you are going to die
but baby not tonight

Fade out
I've lost my head, I want you now
Yesterday's dead, come taste the now
Tomorrow's waiting somewhere else

Faint howl
The universe within a cell
You choose the grail or the crown
Open the gates and let them feel the crowd
You choose the grail or the crown
Track Name: Organism
Oh I control the organism
I do on my own
I decide what's right
and I decide what's wrong
and I won't take your forever no
I'll find mine on my own
Well these things predate the dinosaurs
it's here and never gone

and I know it's not black
and I know it's not white
I know it's not in or out out
North or south I Know I know there’s more than only two sides
And its not to the left
And its not to the right
Isn't Felt heard or seen
Do know what I mean
isn't his or mine

Who are you?

I won't cross you my head fortress
If I let my feelings rust
I Said I didn't meant to hurt you
well I did just not that much

Well I’ll Blink the eye in pyramid
Drink the spearmint from my blood
I’llBreach bomb bay beside you
pick the wicked orchid up

Watched the floors as you fell
Your descent into
Stabbed the back of yourself
For a penny a thrill
til your tongue couldn't tell
Well that's hell
At least to me that's hell
Hell is being who you're not
Trying to give up all you got to sell

Who are you?

Richard Dawkins don't know
Deepok Chopra don't know
Pee wee Herman don't know
Harry Potter Don't know
I say Nobody knows

Spicoli don't know
Eric Bana don't know
Dennis rodman don't know Doctor jones he don't know
I say nobody knows

The ayatollah don't know
Oh the pope he don't know
At the top of the poll
Don't believe when you're told
What you know just ain't so

Because nobody knows
Where we go when we go
It’s a place we must go
Nobody until we go /until then/right no nobody knows / but now nobody knows
I say nobody knows
I say nobody knows

They don’t know
They don’t know
They ain’t been there before
I don’t know

What's a sad story without a sad song
What’s a victory without an anthem
You're the magician who makes the grass green
You are the vision that sees what you see
Track Name: How Did That Prayer Go?
Hey oh

Did her love for me frail?
My god I've gone AWOL
Need to say all I can say
While I'm still able

Will my love her stay whole
Or start drifting away slow
Well who’s to say so?
Come what may, oh
Well how does that prayer go?
Tell me how does that prayer go?

Your love struck me a new hole
Stung by Hermes lost arrow Who shot it from where though?
Who knows, this is age old
Been since Plato
Turned to play-doh
We're still catching his cave's cold
my god I got angels crossed with devils
oh what rebels
oh how does that prayer go
Tell me how does that prayer go?

And I hope that I'll be there with you my love
throwing back a beer as we watch the flood
for when the end is coming I want your love
and nothing else will matter as the skies cloud up

And we'll be making love as the earth turns black
We stare into our eyes 'cause we can't look back
Baby this is it, only minutes left
The love I have for you it completes my death
Now my eyes won't close
while what gave us life is broke This is not what we meant by hope
Space was close
Now no astronauts can go
Our Priorities always low

Take hold
Our particles stay close
once touched they remain pulled
Like in some cosmic play full
of sinners and saints told
from all different angels
Like a Salvador brush stroke
the square lights your whole soul
It’s what's caught in the slowmo
That’s bringing you home though
So how did that prayer go

I hear your engine revving
laughing the whole way home
I want my walls in heaven
I'd like to be left alone
Fuck all your pushin and shoving I’m never letting it go
All of the pretty women
I'll miss Them most of all

All that pain is at our fingertips
Pull you close kiss your apocalypse
Finally we can bring an end to this baby

Fuck me now and let's start this crazy trip
The whole iceberg baby not just the tip
Discreet or in the streets
It’s all the same to me baby

Cause you’ve got it all
You've got it all like a rock you stand tall
as it sears off your flesh into gardens of trash
Feel it melt off your bones
Watch it meld with the stones
Powder fills your nose every hole baby

You gotta to crawl crawl crawl on the floor
until you can't keep crawling no more
You see a flash of all you adored, as it takes you

Even though you're born to survive
no matter what choice you're gonna di
you can crawl crawl all you like it will find you

I've got something on my mind
I want you to be my bride
Hey Little darling won't you step inside can I help you
put your hands up on the line
if you didn't steal you'll be fine / then you'll be fine
you better hope, hope, that we don't find anything baby /
Hope babe that we don't find what can kill you

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